Why You Need A Disability Lawyer

At the outset, many disability claims seem straightforward. You fill out a form, submit it to the insurance company or Social Security Administration (SSA), receive approval and get your benefits.

If that seems overly simplistic to you, you are one of many who have realized the truth. Many people realize, sometimes too late, that what should be a clear and easy process quickly becomes a complicated, confusing nightmare.

Whether your disability claim was denied or you are just starting your application, we at the Pennington Law Firm, LLC, in Alabama strongly advise that you retain an experienced disability lawyer to shepherd your claim. Our founder, John M. Pennington, has focused solely on disability claims since 1990. He offers the guidance you need to avoid pitfalls when pursuing disability insurance claims under federal laws like ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and other programs.

Why Do I Need A Disability Lawyer For My ERISA Claim?

Many insurance companies reject applications for minor technicalities, and several administrative appeals must be made before the claim can even be filed in court. Furthermore, if the case does make it to federal court once all administrative appeals have been exhausted, no new evidence may be considered.

Unfortunately, many ERISA claim filers wait until the case must go to federal court to seek an ERISA attorney. However, at this point it may be too late to develop a strong case.

Therefore, you need an experienced ERISA lawyer by your side right from the beginning. That way, you can be assured that all opportunities for legal recourse remain open to you.

How We Can Help With Your SSDI Claim

As with ERISA disability claims, the process for obtaining SSDI benefits is highly procedural. One slip-up, and months of effort can be lost. Attorney Pennington can guide you through all steps of the SSDI application and appeals process. His background as a registered nurse means he understands the medical nuances and what type of evidence is likely to prove your eligibility.

Let Us Help You Get The Benefits You Deserve

By utilizing our extensive experience in this specialized area of law, you can be sure that your application will be correctly drafted and shepherded through every step of the process. Contact our Birmingham disability law firm at (205)314-5735 to schedule a free initial consultation

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