My Insurance Claim Was Denied

You dutifully pay your insurance premiums every month, whether for health care insurance, life insurance, long-term disability insurance or other coverage. Now, when you need your benefits the most, your insurance company has let you down. Being denied coverage for an injury or event that you feel should be covered can leave you angry and frustrated.Many who find themselves in this situation have been:

  • Unfairly denied benefits because the plan administrator decided they were not disabled (even if Social Security already approved a disability claim)
  • Denied benefits because the insurer doesn’t agree with the degree of disability
  • Paid less than they should have received under the plan

The Pennington Law Firm, LLC, in Birmingham can help you through the insurance appeals process. Our founding lawyer, John M. Pennington, has helped thousands of people just like you fight for the insurance coverage to which they’re rightfully entitled. He can review your policy and help you gather the necessary documentation to prove your claim.

Appealing Insurance Claims Subject To ERISA

If you have disability insurance through your employer, and your claim for benefits was denied, your appeal may be subject to ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. Under this law, disabled employees can compel insurance companies to review their previously denied claims through an extensive administrative process. In general, the steps for appealing a denied disability claim under ERISA include:

  • Filing an administrative appeal within 180 days of the notice of denial of benefits
  • If the claim is still denied, pursuing the claim in federal court, which cannot consider any new evidence not already included in the administrative appeal

Because of the highly procedural nature of this process, it’s important to involve a skilled Alabama disability lawyer like Mr. Pennington as soon as possible. Too often filers wait until the case goes to federal court to look for a lawyer; however, you cannot add evidence once a case goes to federal court, so it likely will be too late to develop a strong case.

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