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Applying for long-term disability or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits may seem easy enough. Your employer or the local Social Security Administration office may even provide some guidance on how the process works.

What these organizations won’t tell you is that they typically require exact terminology and particular types of evidence when accepting claims. Claims are often denied — up to 70 percent of the time! — based on small missteps or technicalities.

At the Pennington Law Firm, LLC, we focus on getting your disability application right the first time. We will obtain all the needed medical information before we file, and we will follow all the required procedures to give your claim the best possible opportunity for success.

We handle all claims on a contingency fee basis. This means that we only receive payment if we are successful in recovering benefits for you.

Applying For Long-Term Disability Benefits

Many people have difficulty understanding the complex language used in their insurance policies. Unfortunately, insurers often don’t help matters, or the explanations they give are just as confusing as the policy. When you need to submit a claim, it pays to have someone who not only understands the jargon, but also your situation.

Our disability benefits lawyer John M. Pennington is not just an attorney, but his background includes work as a registered nurse. He can examine your policy and translate it into plain language, in addition to gathering the right medical evidence needed to authenticate your claim.

Applying For SSDI Benefits

In addition to work history requirements, the Social Security Administration has strict policies regarding what injuries or medical conditions qualify you for SSDI benefits. As such, applicants and sometimes their doctors must fill out extensive medical reports.

Our firm can help you with this, working with your health care team as needed to make sure your application presents a strong case for why you need benefits. Our thorough preparation also means we will be in the best position to appeal your SSDI claim should it be denied.

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