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A History Of Compassionate Representation For Those In Need

At the Pennington Law Firm, LLC, we are dedicated to helping people in need. That philosophy starts at the top with our founder, attorney John Pennington.

Mr. Pennington has more than 30 years of experience handling all types of disability claims. Unlike many lawyers, Mr. Pennington has a medical background in addition to his legal experience. His experience in handling disability claims coupled with his medical training makes him an effective, persuasive advocate with a high success rate of obtaining benefits for his clients.

Mr. Pennington began his professional career as a registered nurse working in a critical care unit. There, he gained valuable knowledge and experience that would later be extremely advantageous in his law practice.

After completing law school, Mr. Pennington went to work for a South Alabama law firm. His medical background made him a natural fit for handling personal injury and disability cases. When he returned to Birmingham in 1990, his practice quickly grew to handling hundreds of cases nationwide.

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We Can Help You Get The Benefits You Need

Long-term disability insurance and the Social Security Disability Insurance system are designed to help injured people. Unfortunately, all too often these systems end up making life difficult for those who need and depend on disability benefits.

That is where we can help. Contact our law firm in Birmingham by calling (205)314-5735 for a free initial consultation. We handle all disability cases on a contingency basis — you pay nothing unless we recover benefits for you.

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